Build your own House & Land packages available in Paradise

At Dechellis Homes, we value our individual clients wants & needs. We have searched through South Australia to find the perfect blocks of land so you can build your quality home. Simply choose your land & build whatever design you like!

Lot NumberSQMLand Price OnlyDimensionsAvailability
Lot 1506m215m x 34.01mSOLD
Lot 2510m2$663,00015m x 34.01mAvailable
Lot 3510m215m x 34.01mSOLD
Lot 4477m214m x 34.01mSOLD
Lot 5477m214m x 34.01mSOLD
Lot 6520m2$676,00017.01m x 30.84mAvailable
Lot 7525m2$682,50017.01m x 30.83mAvailable
Lot 8548m2$712,40017.10m x 32.02mAvailable
Lot 9548m217.10m x 32.02mSOLD
Lot 10516m216.10m x 32.02mSOLD
Lot 11400m212.50m x 32.02mSOLD
Lot 12400m212.50m x 32.02mSOLD
Lot 13449m214m x 32.02mSOLD
Lot 14480m215m x 32.02mSOLD
Lot 15648m2$842,40014m x 46.29mAvailable
Lot 16648m2$842,40014m x 46.29mAvailable
Lot 17415m214m x 30.29mSOLD
Lot 18455m215m x 30.29mSOLD
Lot 19372m212.28m x 30.29mSOLD
Lot 20455m215m x 30.29mSOLD

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