We love nothing more than to bring people together in our homes and we believe that incorporating a servery window into a design is one way to achieve that.

A servery window is a bi-fold window that is situated between 2 areas of a home which can be used to pass items through from one area to another; you would commonly find this between a kitchen and outdoor area.

We added a servery window into our ‘Manhattan’ design on display in Mt Barker to showcase how it can increased the functionality between areas like the kitchen & alfresco. This provides the perfect set up for entertaining family & friends and also adds a new and unique design element to any home. We have discovered that since having a servery window on display it has become a very popular feature to include in a home.

There are many benefits of incorporating a servery window into your home; it provides an easier and more functional way of passing food and drink through to an outdoor area from the kitchen. No one likes being stuck in the kitchen preparing food while guests are socialising outdoors; the servery window allows you to still interact with guests and be part of the conversation. It’s also perfect for keeping an eye on children playing outside.

You can consider extending the kitchen benchtop out to create a space that allows for stools or use the extra room to set up a buffet for guests to help themselves. Some clients also choose to have the servery window directly above their BBQ area, great for cooking and making cleaning up a lot easier.

The only thing you need to consider when incorporating a servery window into your home design is the location of the kitchen and an outdoor area. There must be a connection between these two areas in order for the set up to be functional and work efficiently.

Stay tunned for more building trends with Dechellis Homes.